Correct position when writing

Learning the correct position of the body at the desk to obtain ease and perfect freedom in writing.

How to hold a pen and what muscles are involved in writing.

The position of the paper on the table is very important for the correct slant of letters.

What writing materials are essential to good handwriting.

Learn writing

Learning forms of letters and figures

Four principal movements used in writing.

Learning Short, Semi-extended, and Extended groups of small letters.

Learning Capital Stem, Direct Oval, Reversed Oval, and Stem-Oval groups of capital letters.

Learning groups of figures, heights and widths, and shades.

Train writing

Practice of writing to gain freedom in movements

Exercises for developing sliding, finger, and muscular movements.

Cross-lines exercises for correct spacing and control of movements.

Exercises on continuous motion of combined small letters.

Exercises on continuous motion of combined capital letters.

Training Pad

Customize guidelines and write on your device

Select i-space size starting from 3mm.

Change opacity to preview writing without guidelines.

Change brush size and color.

Adjust spacing ratios for ascender, descender, and height of interline space.

Define slant lines repeating frequency.

Print the sheet with your guideline settings, and practice on paper.